Littleton's wiring expert

With over 12 years of experience you can see how our master electrician won't be caught off guard with any of your concerns. We have fixed and installed miles upon miles of electrical wire. We have handled everything from the most simple home setups to the complex demands of larger commercial and multi-tenant frameworks.

Driven by integrity

We don't just come to your house, fiddle with your wires, and leave. We make sure you understand what must be done and that you're happy with how your concerns are handled. We care about your home or business the same way we care about ours.
The wiring and home theatre installation experts in Littleton, CO

Locally owned and operated

We are a locally owned and operated business that has been in the hands of a licensed master electrician for over 5 years. When you hire us to work for you, you'll find someone who you might run into at the market or movies, not some contractor from out of town that you'll never see again. We have the knowledge of the local electrical structure and accomplish the project to the most efficient level possible.

Experienced craftsmanship

You will see that we have taken the years to learn how to deliver the highest quality of workmanship with our projects. Troubleshooting those strange electrical issues around the house or business are something we will do in the flip of a switch. We can tell you whether your issue is a small fix or if there is a larger underlying issue that needs to be addressed quickly.
Don't worry about the mess of wires around your electrical box anymore.
 Call us today to fix it at! (720)-297-1593.
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