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Live Wire Electrical: Providing Commercial Electrician Services to the Denver County, CO Area

Live Wire’s commercial electricians serve the Denver County, CO area. We are skilled at camera installation, electrical repair and maintenance, outdoor lighting services and more. Commercial electrician services require a higher level of expertise than most home electric repairs. Furthermore, different materials and procedures are involved. Live Wire is a local commercial electrician company with the right experience and tools to handle all types of electric work.

We offer reliable maintenance services and complete plant wiring installations. In addition, our experts remain current on technology and safety standards. We make the effort to understand the electrical needs of your business. Is your operation industrial, food-related, retail, or something else? No matter what, we have the necessary knowledge to get the job done right.

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Live Wire Electrical Home and Theater is dedicated to meeting customer needs through friendly, professional service.

We are Experts in Outdoor Lighting Services

At Live Wire Electrical we consider four essential features when it comes to outdoor lighting services. They are safety, security, aesthetics and lasting energy efficiency. In fact, these are important aspects of most commercial electrician services.

Safety is key. Ensuring all paths and entrances are well lit with no blind spots is important. This should include coverage over all doors. For this purpose, there are numerous lighting types, such as flex lights and stair lights.

In regards to security, motion sensors that trigger your lights to come on in the event of an intruder are advisable. Also, using timers to turn lights on and off throughout the day is a good security measure. Additionally, you can alter the schedule for turning the lights on and off. Live Wire Electrical will help you with your commercial electrician services. Call us today to book a consultation.

Where do you spend your time outside the building? How would you like to light that area at night? If you have plants or trees you’d like to highlight, the right lighting can augment their beauty. What’s more, if you have a stream running through your landscape, adding certain lighting accentuates its beauty.

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Camera Installation: When to Bring in the Professionals

Professional camera installation for commercial use should have three basic components. Continuous monitoring and a storage device (for fast retrieval and archiving) are important. In addition, your system should also allow for easy integration of new systems. At Live Wire Electrical, our cutting-edge electricians provide professional camera installations. We will help you choose a system that provides the flexibility of on-site and remote viewing. So, make us your go-to provider for all your commercial electrician services.

Cameras that record at night are most efficient if they have infrared capability. This feature allows for better resolution. You should have cameras that point to your parking lots. Also, as an added feature, some cameras have license plate recognition capability to monitor who is always on your premises.

We can offer you the best commercial electrician services in Denver, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties. So, choose Live Wire for a wide range of products depending on your needs and budget.

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Reliable Services from Trusted Commercial Electrician

Live Wire commercial electricians have been proudly serving Denver County since 2009. When choosing our commercial electrician services, you can rest assured that our team is licensed and fully insured. Even more, we are always courteous and professional.

As expert electrical contractors, we work hard to keep your systems running. We do so because we understand how important proper wiring is to your business. So, no matter where you are in the following areas, we can help:

  • Denver
  • Littleton
  • Deckers
  • Monument
  • Woodland Park
  • Elizabeth

We will be there with safe and effective solutions. Contact us today to schedule commercial electrician services.

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