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Live Wire Electrical: Providing Electrical Upgrades to the Englewood, CO Area

With more than 17 years of electrical experience, we know how to perform electrical upgrades in the Englewood, CO area. So, do you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency? Are you looking to add circuits to your electrical panel for a new appliance or hot tub? Would you like an expert home theater installation? At Live Wire, we are expert home theater installers, and much more! We have the knowledge and equipment to successfully complete your electrical upgrades. What’s more, our home theater installation company will get the job done safely and affordably.

Do you need a wiring service for your Colorado home? You can feel confident the Live Wire Electrical team can handle your project. In fact, Live Wire Electrical and Home Theater Installations LLC is a licensed and insured electrical contractor in Littleton, CO. Therefore, our home theater installers will get you through your electrical upgrades fast and efficiently. Our dedication to customer service and electrical safety means that your home will be in good hands.

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Live Wire Electrical Home and Theater is dedicated to meeting customer needs through friendly, professional service.

Home Theater Installation: When to Bring in the Professionals

Can you image a living space enriched with a state-of-the-art home theater system? How about improving the networking and security capabilities in your business? At Live Wire, we do it all. We provide quality electrical upgrades for home and business automation systems near Englewood, CO. As a result, our installers keep you connected, safe and entertained. So, from peace-of-mind to pleasure, we have you covered. Contact us for more information. We can improve your quality of life!

Live Wire has been providing high-end residential and commercial electrical solutions for more than 10 years. Whether it’s security systems, a home theater installation, or business automation solutions, we make it happen. Our advanced skills combined with the latest technology, allows us to help make your dreams a reality.

Learn more electrical upgrades, video & audio systems and more. Contact us today at (720) 297-1593.

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Expert Home Theater Installers

Today’s larger screen TVs require expert installation. They must be positioned level and straight. If a ceiling projector is being attached, it also much be installed just right. Speakers may be scattered throughout the room, with many connectors and cables. It takes an experienced professional to get all these components to work together properly and safely. The expert home theater installers at Live Wire know the ropes! For reliable services, come to our trusted home theater installation company.

We’ve been performing home theater installation services and electrical upgrades in Denver County, Arapahoe County, and Jefferson County, CO for many years. For this reason, we know all the pitfalls and problems. Even more, Live Wire installers know how to avoid them.

From proper mounting to linking everything together correctly, we know how to get your home theater up and running safely and securely in no time.

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Reliable Services from a Trusted Home Theater Installation Company

Do you enjoy going to the movies? Or, do you simply like gathering with family and friends and watching your favorite flicks together? A home theater provides a cozy environment to indulge in film at your leisure. Live Wire electricians have been providing electrical upgrades in the Englewood area for more than a decade!

Our expert installers provide a high-quality movie-watching experience. We do so with clear audio, cutting-edge HD visual quality, and smart home integration. So, plan an intimate date night or invite the whole crew over! With the help of Live Wire, you can enjoy the ultimate home theater experience whenever the mood hits.

Talk to the best home theater installers today. We can handle all your electrical upgrades in Arapahoe County, CO. Call us at (720) 297-1593 now!

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